Il progetto del Peano sul Linux Journal: e-learning a Torino

La diffusione software libero nel sistema educativo italiano riguarda l’uso di Zope, Plone e Fle3 per gestire i portali e learning. Linux e il content management system Plone sono ormai una pratica consolidata per l’istituto Tecnico Industriale Peano. Al progetto il Linux Journal dedica un approfondimento

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Giuseppe Peano, born in the northeastern Italian region of Piemonte, was one of the greatest living mathematicians. The Industrial Technical Institute named after him serves the 5th district of the city of Turin, which is the capital of Piemonte and headquarters for the XX Olympic Winter Games next February.

Linux and the Plone content management system are a consolidated presence at the Peano School. Its Information Technology department has a history of offering students both proprietary and free software platforms, to make sure that they have as complete a vision as possible of the software landscape.

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