The Dschola Association was founded on October 18, 2004, starting from the Network of the Centers of  Service Animation and Experimentation in Piedmont and Valle D’Aosta  Region.

The aim of the Association is promoting the full exploitation of the informatics dimension of culture in schools. teaching and knowledge sharing through ICT.

The roots of the Association originate from a regional project started in 2000 by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Turin, the Piedmont Region, and the Regional Scholastic General Direction to develop the process of dissemination of ICT in schools.  More information here

The 21 founding Institutes have technical and organizational requisites that can perform a function of reference on the territory and contribute to the development of innovative methods, systems, and contents.The_Dschola_Project

The Association assumed as reference models the network of schools serving other schools in the territory and the cooperation between schools and other scientific and educational institutions. These models are already tested and increasingly necessary to give the school all the opportunities and the tools to operate in a national, European and international context.

The Association provides the experience gained by its members (school as a whole – students, principals, teachers and families) in the field of ICT and intends to act as a partner  of local entities  (public and private agencies), in order to promote – directly    or in collaboration with others  qualified subjects – the use of innovative learning environments for an inclusive school.

The areas of interest and t activities of the Association are:

  • ICT curricula to develop students’ logical and cognitive skills through the use of digital tools
  • ICT in education for rethinking IT teaching programs so that students become active players in digital technologies
  • Digital Technologies to support students with disabilities to offer personalized learning paths for students with different skills
  • E-learning tools to offer online courses to students or agencies and local government
  • Service for granting a safe use of ICT technology in schools
  • Web-based services for schools and local authorities
  • Scientific dissemination and technological innovation to promote publishing, seminar, and exchange of knowledge between schools, culture, research, and business and encourage continuous updating and the growth of skills to acquire skills and methodologies.


II Edoardo Agnelli Torino
ITIS Avogadro Torino
IPSIA Castigliano Asti
ITIS Cobianchi Verbania
ITCG Einaudi Alba (CN)
ITIS Faccio Vercelli
ITIS Fauser Novara
IIS Grandis Cuneo
ITIS Majorana Grugliasco (TO)
ITIS Maxwell Nichelino (TO)
ITIS Olivetti Ivrea (TO)
ITIS Omar Novara
I Circolo Didattico Pavone Canavese (TO)
ITIS Peano Torino
Istituto Comprensivo S. Pertini Ovada (AL)
ITIS Pininfarina Moncalieri (TO)
Istituto Sant’Anna Torino
ITIS Sella Biella
IIS Sobrero Casale Monferrato (AL)
IIS Vallauri Fossano (CN)
ISITIP Verrès (AO)


Fondazione CRT
Regione Piemonte
Regione Valle D’Aosta
Osservatorio Tecnologico
Ministero Istruzione Ricerca Università
Ufficio Scolastico Regionale del Piemonte – MIUR
CSI Piemonte
CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT

President : Alfonso Lupo
Director: Eleonora Pantò
Secretary: Maria Stella Perrone

Board of Directors 

Alfonso Lupo – già DT MIUR – President 

Maria Stella Perrone – D.S. I.I.S. “V.Alfieri” di Asti – Vice President 

Eleonora Pantò – CSP Torino – Director

Tiziana Calandri – Principal ITI “Majorana” di Grugliasco (TO)

Grazia Gillone – Principal IIS “Peano” di Torino

Lionella Favretto – Principal IIS “Pininfarina”

Marina Gadò-  Principal IIS ”Castigliano” di Asti   

Giovanni Marcianò – Principal. IIS. “Q. Sella” di Biella


Rosina Garofano, DSGA IIS “Castigliano” di Asti
Maria Antonietta Profeta, già DSGA IIS “Pininfarina ” di Moncalieri
Maria Rosa Ricaldone, DSGA Liceo Scientifico “Carlo Cattaneo” di Torino

Scientific Committee

Every associate members has 1 representative in the Scientific Committee

Research and Development Group:

Alberto Barbero (ITI Vallauri) – Coordinator
Mattia Davi’ – individual associate
Stefano Mercurio (ITI Pininarina)

More info:
Email: info at associazionedschola.it