School children in Spanish Galicia work with Open Source Software

The Corunix project consists of spreading computing and digital practices at school with GNU/Linux Software. The project is especially focused on the creation of a custom distribution focused on education, for the classrooms of La Coruña City council’s education intranet.

Corunix represents a major achievement for the City. It provides the pupils of all municipal schools with a complete office applications suite, advanced multimedia facilities, some 8 educative tools for maths, language, drawing, music etc, and many educative games to enjoy learning. In order to support and develop the project itself, a Corunix website has been created and acts as a collaborative platform for volunteers, developers and end user. It is also a source of technical information and exchange.

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Further Information:

Corunix website
La Coruña City Education portal
La Coruña City website http://