Coordinating digitisation in Europe: progress report of the National Representatives Group

The reports are published to give visibility to the 'Digitisation Initiative', based on the Lund Principles and to NRG, in order to make easier for National Representatives to get support, resources and infrastructures to implement the Lund Action Plan.

Target users

Target users of the Report may be at different levels, but mainly we aim to reach policy-makers, decision-makers and managers responsible or involved in the field of new technologies applied to cultural and scientific content, from the digitisation process up to the fruition on Internet.

First of others, our target users are the top level Authorities of the same Institutions that have nominated National Representatives joining our initiative, with the task to remark their commitment to the initiative and to reinforce their national support. The Global Report contains also the Lund Action Plans giving the opportunity to create synergy with on-going activities in the same sector.

The Reports are not too technical but very communicative and direct, introducing the approach and impact, presenting the extent of progress, main results and usability of those, explaining the reasons why they should decide to invest in this initiative supporting implementation of the model to improve national practice on that field.

Progress report 2003:
Progress report 2002: