La Conferenza che si svolgerà a Colonia (DE) dal 13 al 14 settembre, è rivolta a tutte le persone e le istituzioni che vogliono iniziare ad utilizzare software opensource per applicazioni elearning. E’ organizzata da due progetti Europei JOIN e SIGOSSEE. Questi progetti offrono informazioni e supporto a tutti coloro che si occupano di opensource ed elearning. Una speciale attenzione sara’ dedicata alla qualità della dimensione didattica e tecnica dei processi di elearning.

JOIN Conference, 13th / 14th September, Cologne Germany

The Conference addresses all people and institutions that want to start e-learning with open source software or plan to switch to it. It is organised by two European Projects, JOIN and SIGOSSEE. These projects offer information and support for all stakeholders in open source e-learning.

A special focus is the quality of the technical and didactical dimension of the e-learning process.

The conference starts by putting forward a quality concept for open source Learning Management Systems and this will provide a reference frame for the whole event.

On Monday afternoon we will focus on open source products available on the market: Various open source products will be presented.

On Tuesday general aspects of successful e-learning processes are investigated. The general problems institutions face will be addressed.

The afternoon is dedicated to target group specific topics. The target groups are

  • Schools: there will be a good practice demonstration and a presentation by skolelinux, a linux package especially for schools
  • SMEs: this section addresses the issue of the total cost of ownership
  • Universities: the university section will cover issues raised by the Bologna process
  • Public administration: this section covers the special needs of public administration

In parallel, there will be product demonstrations by different teams as well as a ‘Developer Get Together’.

Programme Monday 13th

9.15 ­ 9.30 Registration and Welcome

9.30 ­ 10.15 About our special interest in open source e-learning, Objectives and services of the JOIN and SIGOSSEE projects (Graham Attwell and Alexandra Toedt)

10.15 ­ 10.30 Feed-back and discussion

10.30 ­ 11.00 Break – coffee, soft drinks and fruit

11.00 – 11.45 Open

11.45 ­ 12.30 Quality in open source Learning
Management Systems, An open methodology for quality assessment (Alexandra Toedt)

12.30 ­ 14.00 Lunch – Lunch at Mensa of Cologne University

14.00 – 14.45 Product Demonstration by EduPLone

14.45 ­ 15.30 Product Demonstration by ILIAS

15.30 ­ 16.00 Break – coffee, soft drinks and cake

16.00 ­ 16.45 Product Demonstration by Metacoon

16.45 ­ 17.30 Demonstration by Moodle

20.00 Social Event

Programme Tuesday 14th

9.15 ­ 10.00 Standards for Didactics, UNFOLD, Dai Griffiths on IMS Learning Design

9.15 ­ 10.00 Parallel – EduPlone Workshop

10.00 ­ 10.30 Quality Approaches in E-Learning, EQO, Ulf Ehlers on quality strategies for e-learning

10.00 ­ 10.30 Parallel – ILIAS Workshop

10.30 ­ 11.00 Break – coffee, soft drinks and fruit

11.00 – 11.45 Social and pedagogic Issues, SIGOSSEE, Graham Attwell on pitfalls in the e-learning process

11.00 – 11.45 Parallel – Metacoon Workshop

11.45 ­ 12.30 Organisational and Management Issues SIGOSSEE, Raymond Elferink on implementing open source

11.45 ­ 12.30 Parallel – Moodle Workshop

12.30 ­ 14.00 Lunch – Lunch at Mensa

14.00 ­ 15.30 Target Goup specific Workshops, public administration, universities, schools, small and medium enterprises.

14.00 ­ 15.30 Parallel – Developer get together

15.30 ­ 16.00 Break – coffee, soft drinks and cake

16.00 ­ 16.45 Planning for future activities, feed-back, meetings and events

General Information

The registration desk will be in front of the conference rooms. You will receive your conference pack when you register.

No fees are charged for the conference.
If you have any queries regarding registration please contact the Conference Office. Contact: Johannes Clessienne –

Refreshment will be provided at the coffee breaks. On the evening of the Conference there is ‘social finger food’ preceded by aperitifs.

The Conference will take place in the Main Building of the Universit of Cologne, Albertus Magnus Platz, 50923 Cologne. We will meet in Auditorium XXV (Hörsaal XXV) and the New Senate Hall (Neuer Senatssaal).

JOIN Conference
September 13 and 14, 2004

Please register for the event sending an e-mail to