The internet as a classroom

Pubblicato su Business Week sabato 8 dicembre 2001

Newton N. Minow, former head of the Federal Communications Commission, and Lawrence K. Grossman, former president of NBC News and PBS, Minow, have proposed to Congress that it use $18 billion from upcoming FCC auctions of radio spectrum to fund the digitization of educational material.

A major goal of their Digital Opportunity Investment Trust [DO IT] proposal is to put material from universities, museums, and libraries on the Internet. In
an interview with BusinessWeek Correspondent Darnell Little Minow and Grossman explained how their plan could revolutionize K-12 formal education
and lifelong learning.”[The government is] spending $2 billion a year to connect every classroom to the Internet, but we spend virtually nothing on
content,” said Grossman. “So when they connect to the Internet, the uses of it for educational purposes are extremely limited. And certainly the
training of teachers is virtually nonexistent.”

SOURCE: Business Week
AUTHOR: Darnell Little

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