“The Commission at Work”: how the Commission organises and plans his work

How is the Commission’s work organised? The Commission has undertaken a significant effort to improve the quality of the planning and organisation of its work. The ‘Basic facts’ section of this site will answer some of your initial questions about the Commission, including those you might have regarding its role in the legislative process, in decision-making and in other areas of its competence. 

The following diagram guides the user through the three basic stages involved in the organisation of the Commission’s work.





Setting objectives
and priorities

Activity-based management

Strategic planning

Commission’s five-year strategic objectives

Annual policy strategy

Work programme

Impact assessment

Presentation of the five year strategy and 2005 work programme


Making decisions

Weekly Commission meetings

Daily support to the Press

Forward programming

Annual Management Plans



Reviewing results

Recently adopted

Implementation by Member States

Annual activity reports and synthesis

General Report

Informing the press and the public

Interinstitutional decision-making process

Reviewing public opinion

For more information:
The European Commission at work web site