Leonardo da Vinci – Call for Proposals DG EAC/72/03

The aim of this call for proposals is the transfer to and by various structures (private and public training centres, companies, schools, etc.) of innovative content developed under the Leonardo da Vinci I and II programmes.

The applicant will have to choose at least two final products from the LdV I and II programmes, analyse, adapt, test/exploit, transfer and integrate them in thevocational training practice of one or more public or private entities in at least one other participating European country.

Duration of the projects: 12 months maximum
Start of the work: 1 May 2004 (signature of the contracts: April 2004)
Date of closure of the award procedure: 30 April 2004
Number of projects to be funded: around five
Selection procedure: Proposals will be evaluated by independent external experts appointed by the Commission.
Funding: Maximum of 50% of the eligible expenditure, with a ceiling of EUR 150 000 per project. Total budget available: around EUR 600 000.
Deadline for the submission of proposals: 15.01.04 (as evidenced by the postmark)

The full text of the call for proposals and the application forms can be downloaded from the Leonardo da Vinci site:http://europa.eu.int/comm/education/programmes/leonardo/new/leonardo2_en.html.

For more information, please contact: Unité-B3@cec.eu.int


Call for Proposals – Transfer of Innovation from the Leonardo da Vinci Program (pdf format)

Annex 1 – Application Form (pdf format)

Annex 2 – Financial Plan (pdf format)

Annex 3 – Declaration of Honour (pdf format)

Annex 4 – Supplementary Information concerning the provision of Financial Statements (pdf format)