Web-based platforms for easing communication within FP6 consortia

A workshop on web-based platforms for Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)  will take place in Brussels on 8 October. The event will focus on the effective employment of web-based platforms for the management of communication and information sharing within project consortia. It could also be used to manage the flow of knowledge generated by the project and its wider dissemination.

Key topics for the workshop will be:
– how web-based tools can make a significant contribution to the management and impact of FP6 Networks of Excellence and Integrated Projects;
– the desired functionality of web-based platforms in FP6 projects;
– a review of web-based tools which are currently available and a demonstration of a developed system.

For further information, please contact:
Kate Rogerson
Tel: +44 1223 448150
E-mail: kate.rogerson@vbonline.com