CORDIS launches dedicated research and innovation information service

CORDIS, the European Commission's Research and Development Information Service, is offering a new window for research and innovation activities led by the Italian Presidency (July to December 2003) .

Developed jointly by CORDIS and the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, the service highlights the Presidency programme and priorities and offers in-depth coverage of news and events. The service will provide timely information on the three Competitiveness Councils, as well as on various conferences illustrating the Presidency's priorities: the reinforcement of the European Research Area, investment, mobility of researchers and the European space policy.

In addition, the service offers insights into the Italian research system and innovation policies under the 'national research plan'. It also provides dynamic information on Italian involvement in European research, including details of more than 1,500 projects coordinated by Italian organisations, and more than 100 technological offers. The site also offers information on key figures, official documents, national contacts and links to institutions, universities, science parks and more.

Two new sections complete this Presidency service. Firstly, a press corner links to research news agencies, interviews and feature articles. Secondly, a window on the seven Innovation Relay Centers (IRCs)  supporting technology transfers all over the country highlights success stories involving Italian small companies.

The service is available in both English and Italian.

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