Call 2 of the IST priority

The European Commission has published the second call of the IST priority under the Sixth Framework Programme's (FP6)  'information society technologies' activity. This is one of the areas covered by the 'integrating and strengthening the European research area' specific programme.

The area's covered by this call are:
-advanced displays (area of the work programme) ;
-optical, opto-electronic, photonic functional components (area of the work programme) ;
-open development platforms for software and services (area of the work programme) ;
-cognitive systems (area of the work programme) ;
-embedded systems (area of the work programme) ;
-applications and services for the mobile user and worker (area of the work programme) ;
-cross-media content for leisure and entertainment (area of the work programme) ;
-GRID-based Systems and solving complex problems (area of the work programme) ;
-improving risk management (area of the work programme) ;
-research networking test beds (area 2.3.5 of the work programme) ;
-general accompanying actions (area 2.3.6 of the work programme) ;

In specifying the instruments to be used in these areas, the call   requests the use of integrated projects, networks of excellence,   specific targeted research projects, coordinated actions and   specific support actions. Proposers are advised to consult the full   call text at the address below in order to find out the particular instruments requested for each area.

The total indicative budget for this call is 525 million euro.

  The deadline for submitting proposal documents is 15.10.2003 at 17.00 (Brussels local time)

Before contacting the Commission, proposers are strongly advised to   consult the original call text in the Official Journal of the European Communities at the reference below.

Official Journal of the European Communities
  Document Reference : OJ No C141/11 of 17.06.2003, p.25
  Programme Acronym : FRAMEWORK 6C, FP6-INTEGRATING, FP6-IST
  Subject Index Codes : Information Processing, Information Systems, Information,  Media,   Scientific Research
  To see the call text, please visit: