FP6 information day, Viterbo, Italy

An information day on the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)  will take place on 9 June in Viterbo, Italy. The aim of the event is to give a complete and detailed overview of how to prepare a project proposal under FP6. Participants will be informed of the new instruments for participation, as well as the best methodologies to employ when writing a proposal.

As the event is specifically aimed at small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)  that are interested in participating in FP6, schemes such as collective research and co-operative research (CRAFT) will be presented.

The event is being organised by the Italian agency for the promotion of European research (APRE).

For further information, please visit the following web address: http://www.apre.it/serviziapre/eventi/giornata.asp?id=557