Satellite learning launched at Italian tech fair

Pubblicato su ESA – News on Telecommunications martedì 11 marzo 2003

Genoa came under the watchful eyes of teachers at TED 2003. The third annual technology in education event showcased the results of the Sat@Once project, a satellite communication system currently piloted by Dschola, a regional school network.

Sat@Once is a system that distributes the most frequently viewed web content onto a local PC using a simple DVB Satellite dish, the kind normally used for receiving satellite broadcasts. The service is based on the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard. The technology uses a set of predefined criteria to filter and retrieve relevant pages.

Under the framework of an ESA project operated in conjunction with Luxembourg’s SES-ASTRA, the system has currently been piloted by Turin-based CSP. During the study, many schools have been able to use the system to provide teachers and students with audio-visual and multimedia materials integrated with and complementing lessons and text-books using the combined potential of the Internet, satellite and VCRs.

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