Commission opens the eTEN call for proposals

On July 2002, the European Commission has launched a call for proposals aiming at the implementation of projects of common interest in the field of trans-European telecommunication networks related to Generic Services and Applications. This call addresses the eTEN programme, which is the evolution of the TEN-Telecom programme and will be close on 23 September 2002.

An Information Day was held in Brussels on 4 July.

What is the eTEN programme?
  Successor of the TEN-Telecom programme, eTEN provides a mechanism to transfer   useful and, where appropriate, innovative telecommunications applications and   services to the market, crossing frontiers in the EU. eTEN's focus is on services   of public interest, either directly supporting activities traditionally considered   to be a public responsibility or generalised services, which make telecommunications   easier to use or help citizens, businesses and communities to obtain maximum   benefit form the Information Society. Fundamental to the eTEN mission is the   increased deployment of services that strengthen economic, social and territorial   cohesion within an Information Society for all.

The eTEN programme within eEurope
  The mission of inclusivity underscores eEurope's objective of breaking down   the digital divide and securing access and use of the Internet by all citizens,   commercial enterprises and public administrations. As an important objective   of this initiative, the European Commission, European Parliament and member   states attach great importance to rapid deployment of an infrastructure able   to support the next generation internet including 3G mobile services. eTEN has   a dual role to play here. Firstly, it supports the launch of services, which   will create demand for broadband and next generation mobile services, and secondly   it supports generic services, based on new technologies, which underpin new   services designed to meet the needs of the citizen.

Read the   eTEN Work Programme 2002
  Download   the text of the call for proposals 2002/1
  How   to participate in this call?
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