DSCHOLA – Schools for schools

Dschola is a regional project (set up in Piedmont, Italy) aimed at stimulating greater attention to ICT, by involving students, teachers and families in partnership with schools. It involves 2.828 educational structures and 50.000 teachers.
The Dschola school network consists at the moment in 18 excellence technical secondary schools, reference points for technological issues in their regional area and with proven experience within the ICT area.

Dschola aims to:

  • Create and stimulate a virtual community of schools through this official Web site
  • Improve the excellence of the Centres of Service, Animation and Experimentation through experimentation activities
  • Stimulate, sustain and improve the training between teachers
  • Stimulate, sustain and improve the cooperation between the Centres and their territorial schools, as suggested by the slogan of the project: “Schools for schools”
  • Stimulate and enhance schools’ business skills and capacities in order to co-fund their own projects.
Fondazione CRT, an Italian Bank Foundation, made the project possible, largely financing it.