Training activities provided for school managers
Each Centre provides both direct and indirect
training, consultation and support for schools
within their own territory. In particular,
they consist of courses for school managers
and assistants concerning:

  • Surfing the Internet
  • Electronic Mail
  • Piedmont Government Network

    This first training initiative has started
    in September 2001 and will end in December
    2001. It is directed to more than 1600 individuals:
    all the school managers of public and private
    schools of the Piedmont Regions and an assistant
    chosen by the school managers.
    The courses are managed by the Centres, that
    are equipped with the necessary workplaces
    and connections.
    School managers are asked to fill some questionnaires
    in the different moment of the training, using
    a specific application for reporting via web.

    Support activities for projects co-financed
    by CRT Foundation
    Centres are committed to providing general
    support for these projects. This support will
    be qualified and detailed following the approval
    of the presented projects and based on the
    technical aspects of each project.

    Support and demonstration activities
    The Centres, in conjunction with the activities
    of schools in any given territory, are dedicated
    to providing the tools to enable:

    • Video conferencing services
    • Activity and event distribution services
      in real time