The aim of PROACTe is to provide a service for the projects supported under the education and training area of the IST programme. PROACTe will facilitate exchange of experience between projects involved in using technology to support learning, and assist them in awareness raising and disseminating information on their progress, achievements and results.

PROACTe will support, valorise and facilitate the dissemination and take-up activities of these projects and implement actions in support of consensus building between the projects. PROACTe is a web-based service that aims to facilitate access to information and provide a context for European research into technologies to support learning. PROACTe will gather information not only on the issues surrounding the up-take of technologies but also the impact of learning mechanisms on all areas of society.

Parole chiave: scambio di esperienze, promozione

Nome del progetto: PROACTe Promoting Awareness and Communicating Technologies   in Education
  Riferimento: IST-1999-12292
  Stato: in esecuzione
  Avvio: 29/12/1999
  Durata (in mesi): 36
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Organizzazione: ECOTEC Research and Consulting Ltd
  Indirizzo: 13B Avenue de Tervuren
  CAP: 1040
  Città: Brussels
  Paese: Belgium
  Telefono: +322 743 8949
  Fax: +322 7327111

Referente: HARRIS Paul
13B avenue de Tervuren
  CAP: 1040
  Citta: Brussels
  Telefono: +322 743 8949
  Fax: +322 732 7111

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