Protecting and Educating Children in the Information Society

The Internet offers a huge range of opportunities for children, but also has its threats. A workshop dealing with this important issue was held in Barcelona, Spain on 15 October 2002 organised by the Catalan Research Foundation and European Schoolnet as part of the European Collaborative Learning Environment (EUN-CLE) and Safe Borders projects, funded by the European Commission's Safer Internet Action Plan.

Members of all European projects on Internet safety for children were invited to take part in the event. The projects are grouped into three main categories by the European Commission for the Internet Action Plan:

* Hotlines for reporting illegal content on the net
* Filtering and rating systems for allowing parents to control what kind of content is displayed to children
* Awareness for raising teachers', parents' and children's knowledge of Internet safety

The event dealt mainly with filtering and awareness projects. Each representative made a short presentation detailing the lessons learned that could be transferred to other projects. Following the presentation session, an open discussion was launched which gave way to very lively debate of the issues.

The presentation and discussion sessions focused on the following topics:

– Awareness-raising: Techniques, Audiences and Effective Methods
– Filters: Educational Needs, Preferences, Efficiency and Issues
– Kids On The Web: At Home and At School

These are all key aspects of the European Collaborative Learning Environment project.

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